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The Eternal Wisdom

Theme for IKYA Silent Retreat – march 2018

The Eternal Wisdom

The Eternal Wisdom is the silence beyond existence. It cannot be reached by the individual mind or consciousness. It is the isness of everything. It is the loud nothing, the truth that will never be uttered. Only true being, true oneness, will open The Eternal Wisdom, absorbing you like a drop into the cosmic sea.

“The Eternal Wisdom cannot be understood or grasped. Your mind, your beliefs are like specks of dust in an infinite universe of divine reality. Just like a speck of dust cannot hold the universe, your mind cannot hold Wisdom.” -IKYA

This retreat is all about going beyond. Letting go of all we are, all we believe, all we experience, to be immersed in the Sea of Eternal Wisdom. During this retreat, we go to the point of complete surrender, to let your consciousness be dissolved and move beyond the individual state. Allow the presence of IKYA to guide you and lift you beyond existence as you know it.


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